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10/8/2021, Patrice Mani, Madison
Justin did a great job power washing our new-construction home. Arrived when expected,
made the house sparkle, was careful with our landscaping, cleaned up after the work.

9/15/2021, Theresa Kulow, Madison
They were very professional and did a wonderful job making my house sparkle. Thank you!

9/14/2021, Richard Wedepohl, Madison
Just as promised. Very professional and conscientious people.

8/30/2021, Steve Bradley, Oregon
Justin did a great job. He got the difficult areas to reach. The siding is now clean of all the algae and mold. Since he had to go up on the roof, he blew the leaves off as well. Job well done.

8/30/2021, Aine Calgaro, Madison
Justin went the extra mile in cleaning the outside of my house. He cleared out the gutters
and left everything cleaner than it had been in years. Well worth every penny!

7/3/2021, David Hind, Middleton
I don’t normally post on-line reviews, but I must give a shout out to Justin who did an amazing job cleaning our deck and rockery. The deck had accumulated several years of dirt, black mold spots, and pollen. After Justin power washed, it looks like new. This is a family owned and run business. They communicate exceptionally well, and the work was done professionally and on schedule. I will definitely call them again when needed.

7/17/2021, Jared Miller, Waunakee
These guys are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to knowing what products and equipment to use in order to get the job done right. I was very impressed with the quality and efficiency of their work.

5/16/2021, Tara Streit, Waunakee
Great!! Everything looks awesome!! They were super careful of all our plants and everything looks outstanding!!

5/14/2021, Tom Stehr, Sun Prairie
Went great. Justin did a great job and you can tell he has lots of experience! We would recommend this service to others.

4/18/2021 – Peggy Shannon, Sun Prairie
Excellent!! Our home looks brand new! We have trees on the north and west that cause mildew and mold. Our home is now squeaky clean!! 2 story with exposed basement in the back. Windows look great too.

4/15/2021 – Guy Plunkett, III, Madison
We’ve been using Accurate Power Washing for several years now, initially to deal with algae on the north side of the house. I had tried a hose and brush, and rented a pressure washer once which got me more soaked. Accurate always does an excellent job. Everything looks great, and since they do the outside of windows (we take the screens out), we only have the easier inside to do.

9/20/2020 – Megan Norris
Our experience was great! Mike came and gave us an estimate beforehand- he was very kind and straightforward. Justin did the power-washing, and was very professional. He cleaned up our 120+ year-old house very well. I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone.

9/10/2020 – George Krug, Madison
Excellent! Justin did a phenomenal job and was attentive to every detail. Made sure that we were satisfied with every aspect of the work. We recommend and we would absolutely hire them again.

8/31/2020 – Elizabeth Teeter, Waunakee
Accurate did an excellent job – going above and beyond what we expected. they really did put customer service first. Work was done as scheduled (even in a rainstorm). Everything was cleaned up after. Would definitely hire again (and the price was excellent).

8/7/2020 – Michelle Sweet, Fitchburg
Great! This is the second time we used Accurate Power Washing. The person who answers their phones is very responsive, the person who did the work was on time and the house looks great. No concerns at all.

7/29/2020 – Shawn Petterson, Madison
Justin was top notch!! He showed up and left with the same great smile while doing a fantastic job!! Justin really paid attention to detail and went back a few times to make our home sparkle and shine. Thanks Justin for taking such pride in your work and making us happy. Would recommend to anyone to hire Accurate Powerwashing.

7/19/2020 – Richard Hollingworth, Madison
Fantastic. Our house looks like new! I can’t recommend APW enough. The crew showed up on time and walked me through the process in an extremely professional manner. They completed the job in under 3 hours and no mess or trace other than a sparkling house.

7/12/2020 – Tracy Maloney, Madison
Justin did a fantastic job on an extensive patio that had been neglected for 40 years. His work and attention to detail completely transformed this outdoor living space. He was attentive and pleasant and took pride in his work. The whole company is professional – top notch! I HIGHLY recommend this company for your power washing needs.

7/1/2020 – Guy Plunkett III, Madison
An excellent job. We’ve been using Accurate Powerwashing for several years now. We first contacted them to deal with some green (algae?) on the north side of the house, and they did such a great job that we continue to work with them. Everything looks great when they’re done.

4/22/2020 – Sharon Kelly, Sun Prairie
This was the third time we have used Accurate Power Washing. Great work, great people,highly recommended!…

4/18/2020 – Julie Radomski, Sun Prairie
He came early and did a wonderful job. Fast, efficient and courteous. This is our 2nd time using Accurate and we would use them again. Very reasonable too. Highly recommend!…

10/19/2019 – Sandy Fuller, Sun Prairie
The cleaning of the exterior of our home went fantastically our house looks better than when we bought it. The people from Accurate were experienced and professional and did a wonderful job. The house was covered with green stuff and the garage the side that faces north were covered. My husband and I stand outside and admire the job that was done, I’d hire these people in a heartbeat! They even cleaned the parts of the roof where the two levels meet and huge chunks of moss was growing. I can’t say enough good things about Accurate Powerwashing.

10/19/2019 – Ginger Hinderaker, Madison
I don’t usually write reviews but Accurate Power Washing did such a fabulous job I just needed to post some praise. Our house looks great. Looks like it’s been newly painted and the stone work is restored to original hue. Justin did a wonderful transformation! He called to let me know he would be a little late which I appreciated. Just need to warn you that need to schedule early in the season since there is a long wait line.…

08/10/2019 – Marie Hetzer, Sun Prairie
All went extremely well. And my building sparkles . Jason was well prepared and moved swiftly to complete the task at hand. I have worked with this company for many years and I will continue to work with them in the future. They also have pressure washed my church in Sun Prairie and they did a terrific job there too.

08/10/2019 – Gerald Neath, Oregon
Very well. . .we were pleased with their professionalism. . . and the good results made our home look like new.

08/06/2019 – J. Steven King, Madison
Services performed just as described and for the cost quoted. Wish I had it done sooner….House looks much cleaner. Job well done!

07/28/2019 – Michael Thompson, Madison
I highly recommend Accurate Powerwashing LLC. Mike Welch came to our house and identified all aspects of the project, explaining them to me and answering all my questions. Patti was very helpful in scheduling a time that was convenient for us…around our vacation. Justin came as planned and did an excellent job of not only cleaning the house but also the patio bricks. Everything looks like new.

07/11/2019 – Randy Trachte, Middleton
It went very well. I’ve used Accurate Powerwashing before and was very satisfied. This time I needed the service done before we hosted a party, their schedule was full but did work us into it to get this done before the event. I also reminded them that our home had cement board siding and required a low pressure cleaning and Mike was very much aware of how to deal with this type siding. Highly recommend Accurate Powerwashing.

06/23/2019 – Nancy McCall, Madison
Professional, honest, friendly. We were presented a packet with the estimate/signed proposal. A date was set for the service to be provided and it was completed on that day/time. Gutters were also cleaned out and windows washed. No hidden or extra charges. We are very pleased with the results and would recommend Accurate to our family and friends.

06/02/2019 – Guy Plunkett III, Madison
Justin did an excellent job. We first had Accurate do our house about five years ago, and will continue to use them. I tried it myself once with rental unit, and they do a better job in far less time — and at a decent price.

05/22/2019 – Kimberly Hendrickson, Belleville
They are one of the best! Always thorough, professional, affordable, and dependable. I waited until last minute to get my job scheduled, always a procrastinator, but they knew I needed to get my pool open before Memorial Day so they squeezed me in their schedule. Working on a Sunday to get my job done. Very pleased!

05/04/2019 – Deborah Severson, Columbus
They are one of the best! Always thorough, professional, affordable, and dependable. I waited until last minute to get my job scheduled, always a procrastinator, but they knew I needed to get my pool open before Memorial Day so they squeezed me in their schedule. Working on a Sunday to get my job done. Very pleased!!

04/18/2019 – Shirley Drouin, Madison
They are one of the best! Always thorough, professional, affordable, and dependable. I waited until last minute to get my job scheduled, always a procrastinator, but they knew I needed to get my pool open before Memorial Day so they squeezed me in their schedule. Working on a Sunday to get my job done. Very pleased!!

11/19/2018 – Beth Trost, Middleton
He was timely and efficient. I didn’t have to do much prepping although I moved most things away from the house.

08/31/2017 – Paul Baldridge, Madison
Amazing! Wife and I paid prior to the job being complete as we had to travel. Justin said that we’d be very happy upon our return and if for any reason we were not, we should call, and they would come back out to address any issues. The house looked brand new when we pulled up from our trip! They use a brush system and biodegradable soap (Dawn) so it does not damage any fauna and is pet friendly (we don’t have pets). Once they are done with the exterior siding they then perform an exterior window wash! Excellent job!!

08/24/2017 – Christopher Frase, Madison
Pretty sure our house’s previous owners never washed it – the white siding was a dingy gray, with some green growing on the side of the house. SUCH a big difference after we had Accurate come out and power wash the siding and windows. The process was easy and the worker who did it was friendly, responsive, and offered to come back out if he missed anything (he didn’t!).

05/02/2016 – Reenie Bickel, Middleton
Amazing! Went above and beyond our expectations. Our 17-year old house looks like new. They were so careful and conscientious. It was a cold, rainy day, and it had to be miserable working outside, but that didn’t deter them from doing an excellent job. They scrubbed the gutters, window sills, siding – I couldn’t believe how hard they worked, and the details they paid attention to. My husband and I hire work out often – they are at the top of my list for doing a professional, prompt, above-expectations job! We will use them again, and, actually, have already contracted with them to do another job at another house. I can’t praise this business enough!!

01/21/2016 – Glen Junge, Windsor
We are so pleased with the way our house and deck look after Accurate did the power washing. We live in a two story house and washing the siding was not possible for us to do safely. The siding is around fifteen years old and had never been cleaned. It was dirty and the north side was full of mildew. Our deck is composite and approximately 300 sq. ft., with a white railing all around. We tried everything and could never get the floor boards clean. We thought Mike’s bid was very fair, but when the job was done we truly got more than we expected. It has been several months now since the job was done and no sign of mildew growing back onto the siding or decking. We won’t need Accurate back here in 2016, but when we do you can be sure we will call Accurate Power Washing again.

08/04/2015 – March Schweitzer, Madison
If you haven’t had your house power washed I recommend you do it, as it makes such a difference in the look of the house which looks brand new now. And when you do, use Accurate Powerwashing. I was very impressed with Mike’s thoroughness, attention to detail and conscientiousness. It also impressed me that his staff called me three times the same day to let me know when he was coming, since he was running late. I appreciated the professionalism.

07/03/2015 – Guy Plunkett III, Madison
We originally contacted Accurate Power Washing to get an estimate on power washing our vinyl siding, especially the North side which was quite green with algae — we had already tried some hand washing with bleach and scrubbing. Mike met me at the house to do a walk around, and then submitted a detailed proposal which we decided to accept. It is a busy time of the year, but we were able to schedule a date for the service without much trouble. At the scheduled day and time, Mike and Justin showed up and got to work. The results were amazing, even better than I had hoped. The siding looks almost brand new, even the formerly green-tinged North side. And the windows and surrounds are so clean my wife and I are doing the screens and insides this weekend to match the clean exterior. During the entire process, care was taken to avoid damaging our landscaping, and the products used were plant-safe as well. If I had realized how great it would work, I would have taken some before pictures!

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