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Painting Procedures


Basic Preparation

  • Drop cloths will be laid to catch chips and debris.
  • Bushes and flowers are protected.
  • All loose paint is removed by scraping (provisions for sanding may be made as well, unless lead condition is confirmed).
  • Allowances for minor carpentry to be performed on wood railings, porches, steps, soffit and facia.
  • All bare wood will be primed (unless instances where solid color stains will be used like on porch rails, etc. For it is better not to prime in this instance, so paint breaks down and chalks, rather than checks or peels.)
  • Rust arrestor will be used in areas where rusty conditions exist on metal to be painted.
  • Complete with final coat.

All prep work is completed and inspected before final coat painting begins with consideration of protection to  yard lights, window glass, cement and any abridged areas not covered. Ladder storage will be designated by homeowner.

The highest quality equipment, workmanship and experience to assure a non-stress, trouble-free workplace is used.

To ensure a quality job and longevity, proper accessibility around dparameter of house should be maintained. This means bushes or shrubs need to be trimmed back at least 1 1/2 -2 feet from house perimeter.


A. Basic Set Up

  • Tape off any exposed areas in room.
  • tape off baseboards, railings.
  • paper off all window areas to prevent overspray.
  • Plastic off chandeliers or suspended lamps.
  • Remove all wall plates.

B. Ceilings

  • REmove hooks or any other obstructions.
  • Patch any designated areas.
  • Seal any water stains marks.
  • Texturize patch areas.
  • Complete final coat.

C. Walls

  • Remove wall hangings, pictures and clocks.
  • Remove nails and patch holes.
  • Seal any stains.
  • Prep woodwork.
  • Complete final coat.

D. Storage

  • Paint and equipment will be stored in last rooms to be completed.